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1230000248006 - Glen Tibaldeo, Laura Berger: Radical Sabbatical - Buch


Radical Sabbatical (2013) (?)

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1230000248006 (?)

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An Amazon Kindle Bestseller and Hot New Release about a true adventure in the jungles of Costa Rica! Two cubicle convicts. One jungle village. A life without boundaries. In this real-life comedic memoir, Laura Berger and Glen Tibaldeo expose the blessings and ironic struggles of ditching their cut-throat corporate jobs for life in a tranquil jungle paradise. Following the spirit and encouragement of friends met on a desperately needed vacation two years earlier, they leave their Chicago home with eleven suitcases, two laptops, and two cats to land in Pair-o-Dice Village, the scene of their big life gamble. Surprisingly intense life changes immediately prompt a slew of rarely contemplated questions. Could you: Completely change your sources of happiness? Let a boa constrictor loose in your house to get rid of the bats? Drink mystery potions from a shaman? Brave cliff sides when you're deathly afraid of heights? Make friends with your pesky inner voice at all costs? Join a journey of laughter as Laura and Glen pick apart the foibles in all of us. Find yourself rooting for a couple in a life adventure, at the brink of losing everything they have to get everything they've ever wanted. From random wildlife dropping from the sky and battles with vipers to culture clashes and visits with shamans, Radical Sabbatical captures the thrills and realities of boldly following a dream in a story any thrill-seeker-armchair or roaming-will love.
Kategorie: Caribbean & Latin America
Schlüsselwörter: Radical Sabbatical Glen Tibaldeo, Laura Berger Central America Caribbean & Latin America 1230000248003
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