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9788232000180 - Sharks Coloring Book

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Are you looking for Shark Coloring Books for kids? This shark picture book is perfect for all boys or girls who like sharks. Featuring over 40 coloring pages, this is one of the best shark books for kids 3-5, 5-7, 8-12 or even toddlers. It really is a great shark coloring book for all children. Your baby will love it. Unlike other sharks books for kids with thin, newspaper-like pages, this kids book about sharks is printed on high-quality, thick paper, that don't fall victim to your kids' tendency to color in one spot for too long. Plus, because it is printed on one side only, your kids can use their favorite coloring pens without worrying that the image on the back will be ruined. And if you're shopping for a birthday or Christmas gift, this is just the thing. · Pure white, 40-pound paper. · Large 8.5 x 11 pages. · Perfect sharks coloring books for teens and kids of all ages. · Makes a great birthday gift or Christmas gift for any boy or girl. Kinderboeken, Alle kinderboeken, Engelse Boeken > Kinderboeken > Alle kinderboeken.
823200018X - Tudor: Sharks Coloring Book

Sharks Coloring Booksearch

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