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9789346168391 - Samurai Sudoku Puzzle Book: 100 Expert Puzzles for Samurai Sudoku Lovers RFZA Author

Samurai Sudoku Puzzle Book: 100 Expert Puzzles for Samurai Sudoku Lovers RFZA Authorsearch

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ISBN: 9789346168391search bzw. 9346168390, vermutlich in Englisch, Only1million, Taschenbuch, neu.

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There are 500 Sudoku puzzles overlapping into 100 Samurai Style puzzles.Printed on top-quality paper Appropriate size Perfectly aligned Solutions are given at the end of the book Samurai Sudoku puzzles consist of five overlapping sudoku grids and follows the same rules as Sudoku in that every row, column, and block of each of the five grids must contain the numbers 1 to 9. Where the grids overlap, the rows and columns do not go beyond their usual length but the interlocking blocks give you more clues. Enjoy hours of fun solving these 100 medium Samurai Sudoku puzzles. Give your brain some gentle exercise while you figure out which number goes where. Keep an eraser handy in case you need it, and allow yourself the occasional peek at the answers in the back of the book if you get stuck. Kws:samurai sudoku, samurai sudoku puzzle books, samari sudoku puzzle books, sudoku, sudoku puzzle books, puzzle books for adults, soduko, sudoku puzzles, sodoku, soduko books for adults.
9346168390 - Rfza: Samurai Sudoku Puzzle Book

Samurai Sudoku Puzzle Booksearch

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ISBN: 9346168390search bzw. 9789346168391, vermutlich in Englisch, ONLY1MILLION INC, Taschenbuch, neu.

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