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1230000488877 - Seth Rees: Fire From Heaven - Buch


Fire From Heaven (2015)

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First published in 1899, this book by Seth Rees is a classic piece that will both bless and challenge you. Author's Preface: This book, composed partly of a few written sermons and largely of sermons reported stenographically at Cincinnati, Ohio, during September, 1898, has come from me while in the hottest furnace of my life. When I wrote "The Ideal Pentecostal Church" and dedicated it to my precious wife, I little dreamed that the next book with which I should serve God would be prepared for the press amid floods of tears, in long, weary days and lonely, wakeful nights of bereavement and sorrow. But while I have suffered the keenest mental agony, God has marvelously kept my soul in holy quietude. The strongest statements found in this book, extreme as they may seem to some, have been realized by me in my own soul's experience. It has been in great tenderness of spirit that I have written, aiming simply at this, namely, the conveyance of the burning message which God has made flame in my own soul to the greatest possible number. When I had a beautiful unbroken home, with a support of a thousand, six hundred dollars a year, a church filled with fire and running three missions, great crowds of people and conversions every week in the year, God spoke to me, saying: "You are not getting this message to the people fast enough." He requested us to move out of our comfortable home into the cramped quarters of two small trunks, and for two years my wife and I traveled East and West and North and South, publishing this glorious salvation. But again the voice of the Spirit came to me: "You are not getting the message to the people fast enough even yet. Write again." And so I have written again. This is my excuse: I have only obeyed my Lord. It is my prayer that he may make the truth molten hot and pour it upon hearts and consciences for their conviction and salvation. The Table of Contents are as follows: Chapter 1 - FIRE FROM HEAVEN Chapter 2 - ESTABLISHED Chapter 3 - GOD
Kategorie: Christianity
Schlüsselwörter: Fire From Heaven Seth Rees Christian Life Christianity 1230000488877
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