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9781443830744 - Presentations of the 2010 Upstate Steampunk Extravaganza and Meetup - Buch

Presentations of the 2010 Upstate Steampunk Extravaganza and Meetup (?)

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9781443830744 (?) bzw. 1443830747

, in Deutsch, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, neu
Presentations of the 2010 Upstate Steampunk Extravaganza and Meetup: In November 2010, a small but growing group of Victorian Alternate Historians, often referred to as Steampunk, met for the first conference of its kind. There was music, fashion, merchants, and all the other trappings of the Victorian time period set in a venue of &quote what if.&quote What set this conference apart was the academic nature of the presentations. Utilizing the internet and scholarly publications, a call for papers was sent out and the response was impressive. Faculty, graduate students, specialists, and general interest writers wrote, prepared, and presented on a wide array of subject matters. This publication is the culmination of those presentations.Before, during, and after the conference, Steampunk became a much debated and discussed subject on our list servers and emails. While some had no idea what Steampunk was and others had an idea that they thought was correct, there was no &quote one size fits all&quote definition to this new genre. It was at that point that a number of us that had been at the conference sat down and tried to describe the phenomenon. This is what we came up with:Steampunk is a juxtaposition of science fiction, fantasy, and Victorian alternate history. Its roots are in the literature and architecture of the late 19th century while having its branches reach into the future. It is The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the music of Abney Park, the engineering of Nikola Tesla, and the aviation of helium and hot air. In the 1980s a subculture of science fiction found a foothold in literature and science fiction conventions. These &quote paths not taken&quote alternative histories gave the cyberpunk and Goth followers at the conventions a new path to follow. There were the works of H. G. Wells, the undersea submersible of Captain Nemo in Verne`s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and the Victorian work of Mary Shelley`s Frankenstein to start with. Add to that the architecture of the Victorian age as a gentrification in many of the inner cities of America and England, and you have a breeding ground for something not quite realized but possibly attainable. Ebook
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ISBN (andere Schreibweisen): 1-4438-3074-7, 978-1-4438-3074-4


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